Secure payment methods

How to place an order

The Customer can only purchase the products present in the electronic catalog of the Site when placing the order.

It is possible to submit the order in the following ways:

ON-LINE: the quickest way to place an order is via the internet (online), by accessing your shopping cart through the site registration data (E-mail and Password). This purchase method therefore requires free registration to the Site. 

E-mail: by sending an e-mail to with the list of products, the quantities required and your data (for shipping and billing)

Order confirmation e-mail

By placing an order via the internet, after a few minutes, the correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Passiflorashop by automatically sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer. The confirmation e-mail will contain the order number, to be used in all subsequent communications with Passiflorashop, and will summarize the products ordered and the data entered by the customer who undertakes to verify their correctness and promptly communicate any corrections to be made to the information shown on the registration form or in the confirmation e-mail.

If one or more products ordered are not available after the Customer's order, Passiflorashop will send an e-mail to the Customer to inform him of the unavailable products, will communicate the supply times, leaving the Customer the possibility to accept, modify or cancel the his order.

Order Acceptance Email

As soon as the order is taken into consideration and put in the "In Processing" status by Passiflorashop, once the availability of the ordered products has been verified, an Order Acceptance E-mail will be sent to you in which you will receive details on the availability of the goods. orderly and on estimated delivery times.

Passiflorashop reserves the unquestionable right to accept or reject the customer's purchase proposal (order), to accept only orders from subjects in possession of a Tax Code and / or VAT number (or an equivalent data if not resident in Italy) and who have come of age; to accept only orders with delivery in Italian, European, San Marino and Vatican City; to refuse the order also in the following cases: shipments to post office boxes; supply of incorrect or incorrect personal data; previous failure in any capacity against Passiflorashop; inscription in the list of protests; subject to insolvency proceedings; lack of availability of the goods, for any reason, in own warehouses or at suppliers;

Passiflorashop will process the order only when all the requested products are available. Therefore, partial shipments are not made unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.

Passiflorashop reserves the right, before sending the goods, to request any information to verify the accuracy and consistency of the shipping data indicated in the order form by the Customer.

Modification or Refusal of the order

In case of non-acceptance of the order, Passiflorashop guarantees timely communication to the Customer always by e-mail or by telephone. If some ordered products are not available Passiflorashop will send an e-mail to the Customer to inform him about the unavailability of one or more products and to propose to cancel or modify his order.

Cancellation of an Order by the Customer

The order can be canceled within 24 hours of its transmission, to do so simply communicate it by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address and anticipating your will by phone by contacting Customer Service. The right to cancel the order is precluded to the Customer in the event that the goods have already been ordered by Passiflorashop from its supplier or in the departure phase, that is, already packed and invoiced or already shipped. In addition, we reserve the right not to ship the goods to those customers who previously without any reason refused to collect the shipment made by us on their order causing us additional costs.

Accepted payment methods

Important: for all forms of advance payment, before making the payment, wait for the e-mail confirming the availability of the goods ordered, or inquire about availability by contacting the Customer Service.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Bank transfer in advance

PAYPAL: payment by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal account

PostePay: top-up to be made on our PostePay card

PAYPAL system: payment by credit card, prepaid card or PayPal account

In order to guarantee our customers maximum payment security, the online transactions of your purchases paid by credit card are carried out through a PAYPAL secure server that adopts the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection system. This system takes care of encrypting the information entered, so as to make their interception impossible.

By choosing this payment method, by clicking on "Confirm Order" you will be directed to the secure PayPal server, where you can make the payment in absolute tranquility using a Credit Card, a Crata Pepagata (eg your PostePay card) or your PayPal account if you own one and without the slightest risk that someone gets hold of your data. Simultaneously with the conclusion of the online transaction, PayPal will immediately charge the amount relating to the purchase made.


PAYPAL is only the tool or the intermediary through which transactions are managed and is able to accept all credit cards on the market including Poste Pay.

Once redirected to the secure Paypal server you can enter your card details (number and expiry date) in an absolutely secure way. The data is in fact directly transmitted to the Bank, offering you the maximum guarantee. You don't even have to worry about indicating which card you are using: it will be the same banking system to determine if your card is among those currently compatible (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express).

In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in the case of non-acceptance of the same by  Passiflorashop , at the same time as the cancellation, the credit will be re-credited to the credit card used by the Customer or to the Customer's Paypal account. The times of re-credit on the chosen payment instrument depend exclusively on PayPal and the banking system concerned, therefore in no case  Passiflorashop  can be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by PayPal .

Passiflorashop  reserves the right to request additional information from the Customer (e.g. landline number or sending a copy of identity documents) to determine the effective ownership of the PayPal account. In the absence of the required documentation,  Passiflorashop  reserves the right not to accept the order.

At no time during the purchase procedure  Passiflorashop  is able to know the information relating to the credit card of the buyer or to other methods chosen within the PayPal wallet and transmitted via secure connection directly to the PayPal site that manages the transaction. No Passiflorashop computer archive   will keep this data. In no case  Passiflorashop  can therefore be held responsible for any fraudulent and undue use of credit cards by third parties, when paying for products purchased on the website www. Passiflorashop .com

This payment method provides a fee equal to 3.4% of the total amount of the transaction (product cost + shipping + taxes) which will be communicated and displayed in the order summary before proceeding with the payment.

Bank transfer

In case of payment by bank transfer in advance, what has been ordered by the customer will be kept busy until receipt of proof of payment, to be sent to the e-mail no later than 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The dispatch of what has been ordered will take place only upon the actual receipt of the sum by Passiflorashop which must take place within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order, beyond this deadline, the order will be deemed automatically canceled.

The reason for the bank transfer must include:

The Order Number as indicated in the e-mail received as confirmation of the order

The date of placing the order which is the same as the order confirmation e-mail

Name and Surname of the order holder

The data to make the bank transfer will be indicated in the order confirmation e-mail.

Top up on our PostePay card

To use this method of payment, simply make a payment to our PostePay card by going to any post office or tobacconist. The shipment of what has been ordered will take place only upon actual receipt of the sum to Passiflorashop which must take place within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order, after this deadline, the order will be canceled.